Top Tips For Moving Home At Christmas

christmas tree moving house

Moving home can be a stressful time of year, but don’t worry! Our list will help you get through it. From prepping the house for sale or rent to deciding what’s worth keeping in storage; we’ve got all your moving needs covered with these quick tips…

A little preparation goes along way when making such an important decision like whether its best sell or move away again – so take some moments now (even on Christmas day!) out of each others hair by doing something useful around the household first- then everything else should fall into place more easily than if they hadn’t been done beforehand.

Plan ahead and make a list

The number one thing you can do to lower your stress levels is being prepared. Knowing that everything in place means the day-to-day stuff won’t stop just because you are moving home, knowing how much work goes into packing for a move really stresses people out!

One of the most helpful ways to get things done is by breaking them down into smaller chunks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, look at what needs doing in order and prioritise those before moving on with other tasks that may not need so much attention right away or even ever! This will give yourself an initial goal which can help gain momentum when tackling your whole job for good measure too.

Confirm and double check your move date with all the relevant parties. Ensure that you’ve left yourself enough time to get everything done, rushing is a sure-fire stress trigger!

Make lists and tick items off as you go or even split larger tasks into several smaller ones if necessary; just make sure each one gets enough attention so that there won’t be too much at once once it comes time-to-action!

Book your removalist company

You’re in luck because we have your back for moving home in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney! Getting a date for the big move will give you more time to get organized and pack. Knowing that our movers are booked means they can handle all of those heavy boxes while also making sure nothing stays behind on their end too – not like last time where some stuff got left behind forever- remember?

Steve Lavin Removals are the best choice for your next move! We’re experts in Cronulla, Sutherland Shire and Sydney removals with over 30 years of experience. Plus we offer affordable Sydney interstate moves too – so whether it’s home or office-based work that needs doing our team has got you covered every time

You may be thinking “I don’t know how much moving will cost me.” Don’t worry about price tags because all of Steve Lavine Removal services come at competitive rates. Let us help take care everything during this crucial stage into new living quarters, we can handle anything big or small from furniture loading onto trucks right up until unpacking boxes into your new home.

Pack your things

Now that you have a deadline to work towards and your task list is complete, it’s time for one last preparation before the big day arrives. Regardless of how much junk needs moving out on this side or in need going over there – always allow yourself at least two weeks if possible (more would be better!).

A well-organized packing session is crucial to the success of your move. It’s easy for things get lost or damaged, so you need all bases covered! Put together any necessary supplies in one place and then pack them into boxes accordingly–kitchen stuff with kitchen items; bathroom bits & pieces mixed together if possible (you know what I mean!).

Nowadays, one can never be too prepared. It is imperative that you have at least one essentials box and mark it accordingly with either a star or cross for what they are to ensure your survival in an emergency situation!

Check the forecasts

When it comes to moving home around the festive period, you should always be prepared for anything. That means packing rain boots in addition to your other winter wear no matter how much sun will shine on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve!

The weather can wreak havoc during this time of year so remember that even if there isn’t any rain forecasted tomorrow morning don’t forget about bringing an extra pair just incase things turn out differently than expected.

Let everyone know you have moved home

We are guessing you want to receive your Christmas cards! The best way is by letting everyone know that your moving home. This includes friends and family members in addition with local council representatives who may have been contacted for information about the property transfer process.

Don’t forget about pets

Dogs and Cats are also clever creatures. They will know that something is going on as soon as things start moving about, so be prepared for their anxiety during the move by making sure you have a plan in place to take care of them if necessary!

If your furry friend can stay with family or friends while you pack up house? Consider sending him out on pet vacation before the big event starts – just make sure he has food available at all times because these little guys love eating even more than usual when they’re feeling anxious.

Check out our blog post on moving home with pets for more information.

Moving with Kids

When you’re moving with children, there’s a lot that goes into consideration. For example, it is important to remember they can feel the pressure too! Be open and honest about what’s going on around them so your little ones don’t have as many questions or worries during this stressful time.

Check your meters

In order to avoid any movement-related fees, it is imperative that you read your meters before moving. You can easily forget this step and wind up overpaying or worse – being charged for more than what’s agreed upon in a contract!

Take care of your valuables

Christmas does offer prime opportunities for criminals. There will be a large amount of family homes toring gifts and presents ready to be handed out on Christmas day!

With moving day just around the corner, now is an excellent time to ensure your home remains secure. As part of that process make sure you take some steps in advance like keeping important documents safe and out of sight if possible (lock them away when not needed). Consider giving presents early this year so they can stay with family members until after yours moves into its new place!

Arranging deliveries

It’s no secret that moving into your new home can be stressful. While you might not have time for unpacking, don’t forget the most important task- preparing food! Booking food deliveries on days when all those boxes are still sitting in storage or at their old address is a good idea because it’ll give our busy schedules some much needed breathing room while also giving us extra fridge space so we’re never without anything cool to drink during hot summer months.

Time to get the home looking ready for Christmas

Once you’ve finished all the hard work and finally made it through moving day with your sanity intact, time to kick back and enjoy. Throw up some nice Christmas decorations for this special time of year in your new place–it will help give off that holiday spirit so necessary after an exhausting few weeks like yours!

All that remains is for all of us here at Steve Lavin Removals to hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope your move goes smoothly, regardless if it’s during the holiday season or any other time!

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