Moving house with pets

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The level of stress that humans experience when moving doubles up for pets. The source of your stress may be trying to ensure everything goes smoothly as you worry about your pet as well, while for the pet, the thought of moving to a new place can be unsettling. You can reduce stress by hiring a removal company that knows how to deal with humans and pets. The type of pet you have will influence your actions, but the following tips should make it easier for you.

Tips moving with cats and dogs


Don’t involve the pets on the D-Day.

The moving day usually involves a lot of action, with the moving company moving around a lot. You’re also likely to feel stressed by the changes, and your pet will absorb that energy from you. Choose one place where there isn’t a lot of action and keep your cat or dog there. If you can’t clear out a room, ask a friend to look after the pet until the movers are done packing up your items. Make sure the temperature is okay to make them comfortable and give them enough food and water. Don’t be too overwhelmed by the moving that you forget about your pet.

Start with the pet at the new place.

Making your pet a priority also helps reassure them. When moving house, you need to make sure the pet has a cleared room where they will stay as you try to rearrange everything and customize the place to your liking. It helps to move house before moving the pet. You could ask some of your friends and family to watch the pet until the new place is properly arranged. That way, you’ll give your cats or dogs the attention they deserve and help them adapt to the new surrounding without distractions. Give the pet favorite toys and other items like blankets to help them feel at home.

Travel with the pet

It would help if you traveled with your dog in your car instead of allowing the movers to move the pet. Make sure you feed him, and if they are restless, you can give them relaxing medication. Ask your vet before giving the pet any medication. It’s also advisable that you try to make the trip as normal as possible. If you normally take short trips with your dog in the car, making moving seem like a similar experience will help them.

Don’t expect perfection.

Your cats or dogs are likely to misbehave during the first few days after moving house. It may take them a few days to adjust and adapt to the new routine as normal. For instance, your cat or dog may pee or poop in the house before familiarizing themselves with the layout. Be ready to retrain them or reward them when they get it right.

Create room for exploration

Start by securing the new property, then allow your dogs to explore on their own. Put up fences, so they don’t interrupt the neighbors or stray too far. Cats may prefer to remain indoors for the first few days, so you shouldn’t rush them. Try to encourage them by going outside with them.

Other pets

If you have other pets like fishes, guinea pigs, and birds, among others, you’ll have to be more cautious. For fishes, you can put them in bags with aquarium water. Use their old tank water or get fresh water from your nearest aquarium. This is only ideal for short distance moving. If you’re moving a long distance, consider giving your fish to a new family and getting a new one at your destination.

For guinea pigs, you need to make sure they are transported in a cozy cage and well protected. The moving company can transport the guinea pig, so long as they make their carriers warm, comfortable, and safe.

Birds will also require a cage on a moving day. They get anxious as easily with the change, and they can fly away if you don’t constrain them. Let them stay in their cage until you get to your new home.


Always talk about the changes with your vet. They will give you professional advice to keep your pets safe and ensure their records get to the new vet. Don’t forget to change the address on the pet’s chip to reflect your new home.


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