Steve lavin removals

why choose our removalist services?

There are quite a few options for removalist services in and around Sydney, Canberra,
Melbourne, and the Gold Coast, so why choose us here at Steve Lavin Removals?


We have 30+ years in the business

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We’ve been working in Sydney and surrounding areas for over 30 years! While we started as a local Sutherland Shire removalist service, we’ve expanded quite a bit since. We know the ins and outs of moving around Sydney, along with interstate moves. We know everything about this business because that’s all we’ve been doing for the last 30 years!
Having 30 years of experience means that we know all of the mistakes that can be made when moving in Sydney. We thoroughly understand the process, know which roads to avoid, and know when we’ll need extra movers to get your move done in a timely manner.
We know what items need extra packaging materials, and what damages can occur through the result of improper packing and removal services. You won’t have to worry about your move and can lean on our expertise if you have questions or are unsure about any aspect of the process.
We’ve probably moved someone in your neighborhood already!

CuStomer experience is our priority

We know that moving is a stressful experience. There’s a lot for you to do, and a looming deadline for when you need to have it all completed. Our main goal in providing removalist services is to take the stress of moving away from you and place it on the shoulders of our experienced movers.
We pride ourselves on making moves simple and easy. We can accommodate any size of move whether it be residential, business, or interstate. Near or far, we’re able to reliably deliver your prized possessions to your new home or business in the exact condition they left the previous location in.
In addition to being experienced and reliable at moving anything you can imagine, we’re also friendly, punctual, and professional! We’ll be there on time, every time, with a smile on our faces and ready to get moving. We don’t waste our customer’s time.
We know how to move your items efficiently and without issues. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense removalist service, Steve Lavin Removals is the choice for you!

Reliable estimates

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As part of our dedication to customer experience, we’re able to give reliable estimates for your move. If you want to get a sense of what our services would cost for a specific move, give us a call at any time! With 30 years in the business, our estimates are extremely accurate and you won’t find yourself dealing with hidden costs and fees when your move is completed.

we offer a variety of services for your moving needs

No matter what type of move you’re embarking upon, we have a moving solution that will work for you.

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Large or small removalist services

Do you have a 10,000 sq foot mansion that needs to be cleared out and moved to another state? We can handle it! Do you have a garage or shed that needs to be cleared out and moved across town? We can do that too.
We built our business to be able to rapidly scale to meet our customer’s needs. We offer affordable moving assistance for small moves, and can call in a fleet of extra trucks and movers for larger jobs.
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residential or business removalist services

In addition to catering to any size of move, we are capable of both moving home and moving office spaces. We’ve removed hundreds of cubicles and office chairs and relocated them to their new home. We know how to disassemble traditional home and office furniture in an instant. Our team wastes no time on the job, and will move your gear quickly and reliably

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packing and moving boxes services

If you want to pack on your own, using your own boxes, we’ll come and pick them up and put them right in our truck! Some of our clients like to save a bit of time and money by packing up their home or business themselves. We’ll take your boxes, ensure nothing will move around in transit and get them on the truck for a quick move.

If you want to pack on your own but don’t have any boxeswe’ll sell or rent you as many boxes as you need! If you want to save some money or prefer to pack your belongings yourself but don’t have the boxes you need for the move, you can purchase or rent boxes from us. Purchased boxes are kept by the buyer for a no-pressure unboxing situation. Rented boxes are also a popular option as we’ll help unload them before taking them off of your hands.

If you don’t want to do any sort of packing or boxingwe’ll take it over and handle the entire packing process for you! Our team are experts at boxing up your belongings with the special care your belongings deserve. Our clients love our full-service removals as it takes the pressure off of them completely during their move. Give us a call, we show up, and your belongings will be in your new home or business before you know it.