Tips To Save Costs On Packing Materials For Your Sydney Removals

The process of finding a removalist in the Sutherland Shire and moving house can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Between finding your new place, getting rid of the old, and packing up all your belongings it can be tricky to remember all of the little details that are so important like using the right materials and ensuring that your possessions are safely protected on the journey. Whether you are moving next door or much further away using the right packing materials is key, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are a few top tips to help you on your way to your new home with all your stuff still intact.

Moving boxes packing materials

1.      Make a list of what you have and what you need

Though it is easy just to dive right in, a little planning can help you to organise your packing; work out exactly what you need and save some money. There is no point in buying double the amount of boxes you need, or getting lots of bubble wrap and insulating material when the majority of what you are moving is clothing. Take a minute and think it through, there might even be stuff you decide you don’t really want to take with you. It is way better to get rid of it now then drag it to your new place and then realise it has to go.


2.      Use bedding and towels instead of just packing them

Why waste good space packing up your linens and other handy materials when you could use them as insulation? This will not only save money on bubble wrap or other products that can do the same job but also is an incredibly effective solution to prevent damage from all of the rigours of the moving process.


3.      Use garbage bags

For the lighter stuff that you haven’t already put to use wrapping your other possessions, put clothing, cloth and durable objects into garbage bags. This is a much cheaper option than cases and boxes while also giving you a more malleable object when moving. You can easily squish and manipulate these kind of bags to fit where you need them and further protect larger and heavier belongings at the same time.


4.      Use your existing supplies

You don’t have to buy new boxes specifically to move. Anything in good condition will work just fine, from your old TV box to all of those ones that come with online deliveries. Similarly if you have plastic containers this is an excellent solution offering a long lasting and durable solution. Really anything that you can use to carry your belongings will help and save in costs.


5.      Rent, don’t buy

If you don’t have any plastic containers or boxes of your own you can often rent what you need at a reasonable price from a number of places including removal firms. Not only are you saving money versus the cost of buying, but it is more environmentally friendly using something that can be used over and over again rather than getting your own and using them once. There are a number of options available both cardboard and plastic so there should definitely be something to suit every home and need.


6.      Keep your most precious things with you

There really is only so much you can do with tons of insulation and careful packaging – items can still get broken in the move. The best way to keep those extra special bits and bobs safe and save on money trying to wrap them up is to move them separately, in your car, on your lap or wherever you think is the safest and most secure place for them. Good packaging will of course be fine for most things, but for that one ornament or glass that you love so much, it should be packaged and kept where you know they won’t get crushed or knocked about.


7.      Trust and use your removals company


Any good and worthwhile moving company like Steve Lavin Removals not only moves your belongings from point A to point B but helps you in every way to get there. Check out what they offer in terms of boxes, packing paper and tape and everything you need to get your stuff safely to your new home.



Don’t just dive in and let the costs of moving house the right way continue to mount. Plan out exactly what you need, utilise your current supplies and remember that many of your possessions can actually help you to protect and insulate the others. Whether you are just going a short way or much further afield don’t cut corners and risk them being damaged, use these tips and your fantastic removals company to get things moving today without breaking the bank.

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